FMP sensor ( Fine Multipoint sensor )

The FMP sensor is a multipoint temperature sensor in which multiple Type K sheathed thermocouples are enclosed in a single protection tube.
Using NND ultra-fine thermocouples, it is possible to measure 7 locations with a 1mm diameter protection tube.
This is useful when many sensors cannot be installed, or when it is desirable to eliminate the environmental impact of the sensor itself.

Upper photo: 5 measuring points in Φ1mm
Lower photo: 2 measuring points in Φ0.6mm


The measurement point can be set arbitrarily by changing the insertion length of Type K-sheathed thermocouple.

Specification (Type K)

Diameter of Protection Tube (Φ) Max No. of Mesuring Point Max Lenght of L1 Temperature Range
0.6 2 200mm Room Temp.~400℃
0.8 3 200mm Room Temp.~400℃
1.0 7 500mm Room Temp.~500℃
1.6 7 1000mm -40~500
2.0 7 1000mm -40~500
3.2 20 10000mm -50~600
  • Up to 20 points can be measured with one protection tube.
  • When NND’s ultra-fine Type K sheathed thermocouple is used, a maximum of 7 points can be measured with a 1mm diameter protection tube.
  • The operating temperature is suitable for medium and high temperatures up to 600 ° C. (Protection tube of Φ1.6 or more supports JIS class 3)
  • The shape of the protection tube can be processed according to the shape of the object to be measured.
  • The material of the protection tube is SUS-304, 316, 316L.(* Inconel and titanium are under development)
About Pricing
As the production range of MP sensors varies, please fill in the following drawings and send it by e-mail attachment or fax. Details will be discussed at the meeting.
  1. Operating temperature
  2. Protection tube outer diameter
  3. Number of measurement points
  4. L1 length
  5. L2 length

Click here to download the estimate drawing

Applications and application examples


  • Temperature distribution measurement in various furnaces and chambers.
  • Mold internal temperature distribution measurement.
  • Various liquid temperature distribution measurement.
  • Liquid level measurement (high temperature, low temperature).
  • Other
Application examples
  1. Major gas company
    Measurement of temperature distribution in a heat exchange vaporizer for vaporizing liquefied natural gas (LNG)
  2. Auto parts manufacturer
    Temperature measurement of diesel engine exhaust gas treatment filter
  3. Major power company
    Temperature distribution during sewage treatment
  4. Each university
    Development of sensors according to research purposes as well as general sensors
  5. 5. There are many other achievements

Production example

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